Various bits.

Learnt about animation earlier this week. Watched part of A Scanner Darkly in today's tute. Interesting, if a little weird. Definitely one to add to the must watch list. Huh. Based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, so that's another book to add to the must read list. Haven't gotten much further with Bradbury's other stuff yet, but read the graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 thanks to Aaron :) Rather close to novel, and was really quite good.

In the process of trying to watch The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser. It's for another unit, and is one of the texts I need to use for a case study. Downside is, it's German with English subtitles. It means I have to FOCUS on it more than I would normally, like I can't do some reading or msn or anything while its on. Ah well.

All the talk of anime this week makes me want to rewatch Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Might try find some similar films, I don't like much anime but I do like them.

Friday morning lectures are so small. Like 20 people, compared to 50+ish in most others.

My love of sci-fi has been fuelled again as a result of getting a HD on my sci-fi essay. Sci-fi ftw!

Rediscovered Twitterature today. Haven't looked at it in a while, but took it to uni - got some good lols from it.

I just hiccuped.

And now you know why the title of this entry is "Various bits."

I saw some kids sitting on a roof today. If I don't say hi to them when they sit on the carport, what makes them think I'll say hi because they're on the roof? I did give them a half wave though. Crazy kids.

I need some water.


And here we go again.

Attempt tenhundredthousandbizzilionmillion at keeping a blog, drifting alongside the other blogs in the blogosphere.

So... you like stuff? I like stuff.

Today was mostly cool. Literally and metaphorically. This weather is stupid. So anyhows, last night I couldn't sleep so I finished reading I Am Legend, Trainspotting (you can have it back now then Aaron :P), and Fahrenheit 451. Lets hope I spelt that right. So now I feel accomplished, having read the books AND seen the films based on them. Sweet. Lets recap them here:

FIlm - pretty good I must say. Book - good in it's own right, not good when compared to movie. Normally I'm all for books that have films based on them, respect for the source and all that. But the Robert in the book it nothing in comparison to Will Smith. He's older, lazier, I think he's Irish (not that I'm against that!), has a big beard, and well, the ending is SO DIFFERENT. Actually most of the whole plot is different. May blog about it later, pros and cons of each version.

sex, drugs, and an accent I barely understand - what's not to love? The book was much more like WOAHAHHAHAHA than the film. Both are good though, even though the book was a bit of a difficult read at first due to my suckiness at getting accents. Loved the characters as much as I hated what they did with so much violence, drugs etc. With the film, Ewan Mcgregor is amazing anyhow, and I think he played Renton fabulously.

Such a crazy concept, a world where books are illegal! Liked both versions a lot, liked the ending of the film better than the book though. But the book had some cool action stuff I don't think the film had - need a rewatch. But the film was directed by Truffaut, so that's cool too. Though if anyone reads it, can you tell me pleaaase what your interpretation of the Mechanical Hound is? I think I get it, but sometimes it seemed weird, what with its stingy needle thing and jumping through the air to kill people and all.

So now I'm reading some more Ray Bradbury (great writer!):
A Graveyard for Lunatics
The Martian Chronicles.

Think I might get into some more H.G. Wells as well, need to finish The Invisible Man and The Island of Doctor Moreau and I think the War of the Worlds radio play by Orson Welles needs another listen to soon. I listened to it so often last year, especially when doing my canvases for art.

As for music this very mo, I'm listening to Heart It Races by Dr. Dog. Sweet band. Also, it's a fabultastic cover of Heart It Races by Architecture In Helsinki.
Which brings me to the new title of this blogaroony, Do The Whirlwind. It's another AIH song, one of my faves. If you've ever seen Cloverfield, it's in there!!! So is Four Winds by Bright Eyes. I got so excited about it! 2 of my fave artists/bands were in a movie, and one of them is an aussie band! :D