Various bits.

Learnt about animation earlier this week. Watched part of A Scanner Darkly in today's tute. Interesting, if a little weird. Definitely one to add to the must watch list. Huh. Based on a novel by Philip K. Dick, so that's another book to add to the must read list. Haven't gotten much further with Bradbury's other stuff yet, but read the graphic novel adaptation of Fahrenheit 451 thanks to Aaron :) Rather close to novel, and was really quite good.

In the process of trying to watch The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser. It's for another unit, and is one of the texts I need to use for a case study. Downside is, it's German with English subtitles. It means I have to FOCUS on it more than I would normally, like I can't do some reading or msn or anything while its on. Ah well.

All the talk of anime this week makes me want to rewatch Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle. Might try find some similar films, I don't like much anime but I do like them.

Friday morning lectures are so small. Like 20 people, compared to 50+ish in most others.

My love of sci-fi has been fuelled again as a result of getting a HD on my sci-fi essay. Sci-fi ftw!

Rediscovered Twitterature today. Haven't looked at it in a while, but took it to uni - got some good lols from it.

I just hiccuped.

And now you know why the title of this entry is "Various bits."

I saw some kids sitting on a roof today. If I don't say hi to them when they sit on the carport, what makes them think I'll say hi because they're on the roof? I did give them a half wave though. Crazy kids.

I need some water.

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  1. A Scanner Darkly! Yes, an absolutely brilliant movie that was not hindered whatsoever by the appearance of Keanu Reaves :)

    DAMN YOU! An HD? I only got a D! :( And I talked about sci-fi as well.

    The talk of anime is making me want to rewatch Death Note and Code Geass.

    That is all.